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Voile, Cambric, Terry voile, shiffon, long cloth, classical oxford, pin-point oxford, Chief Value Cotton


It is a doubled yarn, highly twisted with count range >60s. It has an square and open construction. The fabric made from it is light weight, transparent, crispy and granular feel. It can be either cotton or P/C. Its trade name is 2 x2 Rubia. 72 epi and 72 ppi.


It is a single yarn, rest properties are same as voile.

Terry Voile

It is name of voile with 2/81 high twisted fabric in 67:33 blend which is later carborised to get a 100% polyester fabric.


Count is 62s. Here weft is highly twisted (1400-1500 tpm) polyester filamnet and textured and warp is p/c. 67:33

Long Cloth

It is a plain fabric with special kind of finish which remains for some times even after normal washing.

Poplin Broad Cloth
A tightly woven, subtle variation on a plain-weave fabric, characterised by a very high thread count- 100 to 200 tpi- produces a thin, but relatively opaque fabric with a crisp, hard finishing. Also characteristics of the fabric is its fine horizontal ribbing, produced by the lengthwise warp threads being packed more densly than the crossing weft threads. The ribbing is scarcely noticeable but makes any on-grain stripes very clear and appear solid in color, and it also adds a little shine on the fabric. If the cotton fiber itself has any shine, it will enhance the shine of ribbing and produces a very dressy effect. It comes in solid colors, stripes, plaids and checks.

120 *72
Chambray: It looks solid color but is a plain worked with two colors of yarns, usually a white warp and a colored weft or vice-versa. They are woven in all weights. It can be poplin, or twill or dobby chambray

Classical Oxford
It is like chambray, but in contrast to a chambrays plain weave, oxford cloth is woven in a basket weave. It produces the fabric's soft bulkiness.

Warp is Dyed and weft grey
warp --> 2/40s, Weft --> 2/30s

Pin Point Oxford
When worked in a fine weave, oxford cloth is called a pinpoint oxford.

both warp and weft 2/80s, 144 ends/inch in grey and 60-62 ppi.

Chief Value Cotton

60% cotton, 40% polyester

German Finish

Enzyme treatment. Here fabric gets very good lustre and feel. Also we do a process called weight reduction process ( weight is reduced by 4-5%, so bulkiness in the fabric is given.


3/1 twill with 2/40s * 2/30s. When single yarn is used it is called Drill.

2/1 twill
with 2/40s * 2/30s


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